Anthony Coleman

…lost consciousness…for woodwind quintet (1985)

Quintet oboist introduced the Quintet to Anthony Coleman, a well-known member of the Downtown Music scene of the 1980’s and 90’s.

Native New Yorker and graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music, Anthony Coleman is a composer, jazz pianist and teacher.  His ensembles have included the trio Sephardic Tinge (three CD’s: Sephardic Tinge (1995), Morenica (1998), and Our Beautiful Garden is Open (2002) – all on Tzadik) and Selfhaters Orchestra (two CD’s: Selfhaters (1996) and The Abysmal Richness of the Infinite Proximity of the Same (1998), both on Tzadik). Other CD’s include the cycle by Night (1987 – 1992), a series of works inspired by Coleman’s experiences in (the ex-) Yugoslavia (Disco by Night, Avant 1993). Coleman has toured and recorded with John Zorn, Elliott Sharp, Marc Ribot, Shelley Hirsch, Roy Nathanson and many others. Coleman is currently on faculty at Mannes College the New School for Music and the New England Conservatory.

Coleman has recorded 14 CDs under his own name, and he has played on more than 100 others. His most recent CDs are The End of Summer (Tzadik), which features his NEC Ensemble Survivors Breakfast, Shmutsige Magnaten (Tzadik), a live solo performance from the 2005 Krakow Jewish Culture Festival that features interpretations of the songs of Mordechai Gebirtig; Pushy Blueness (Tzadik) and Lapidation (New World), both recordings of his chamber music, and Freakish: Anthony Coleman Plays Jelly Roll Morton (Tzadik, 2009). His Damaged by Sunlight (2010) was issued on DVD by the French label La Huit.

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