Here you can find all the composers that have worked with the Quintet of the Americas for over 40 years.

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  • Shanyse Strickland

    Shanyse Strickland

    Ala Arusha – Mother Earth Shanyse Strickland recently won a space as a composer in the 2023 Music by Women International Festival, which will premiere a commissioned piece titled Afrofuturism, which also was the winning piece for the Urgent Art Fund grant. She has written and published seven original works, one of which was performed…

  • Fernando Otero

    Fernando Otero

    Anemona (2020) Native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Fernando Otero (b.1972) is a Grammy award-winning pianist, vocalist and composer now living in Queens, NY. Otero draws on the musical tradition of his Argentina homeland, blending it with classical and jazz forms to create a vibrant and original sound, which he describes as X Tango.  We asked…

  • Chartwell Dutiro

    Chartwell Dutiro

    Chinyan’anya  Chartwell Dutiro, arr. Rima Fand  Bukatiende Chartwell Dutiro, arr. Rima Fand Through our oboist Matt Sullivan’s friendship with NY mbira player Nora Balaban, we met Chartwell Dutiro and had the privilege of performing his works with him on concerts at White Box, Broome Street, Manhattan on September 16, 2016 and at National Sawdust, Williamsburg, Brooklyn,…