Commissioned works

Links to information on over 100 works including program notes, composer bios, publisher information, links to composer websites, and Quintet of the Americas performances on YouTube. 

Beecher, LembitMusic for Bayside (2013)
Bernardo, José Raúl Cuban Baroque Suite (with piano or harpsichord)
Echoes From a Distant Land
Binelli, DanielCorales de Hawaii (2010) with piano and bandoneon
Danza con los sueños (2011)
Espacial (2011) with piano and bandoneon
New York Tango with piano and bandoneon
Bland, EdQuintet No. 1 Jazz Quintet (1981) 
Chaitkin, DavidNocturne
Cionek, EdmundFifteen Fake Folk Songs 
Cohn, JamesArkansas Reel 
Dance of Praise
Fiesta Latina 
Mozart Fantasy, Op. 91 
Polka Orientale
Quintet No. 2
Strutting Butterflies
Coleman, Anthony…lost consciousness
Colina, MichaelBaion de Bayo 
Cordero, ErnestoTwo Songs for Quintet and Mezzo soprano
Colón-Hernández, EdgarAlegria! A Fantasy on a Puertorican Christmas Carol
Procesión jíbara (2008)
Venid Pastores a Belen
Dancigers, MarkQuiet Tide
Davidson, JustinCinquintettelettes
Deemer, RobertMannahatta Windows (2009)
Dutiro, Chartwell Chinyan’anya
Dzubay, DavidKukulkan III – Water Run
Franzetti, CarlosSerenata 3’
Galindo, GilbertVoices of the Unseen (2020)
Glatthorn, DylanThe Stuff of Comets
Gutierrez, HaroldDreamer’s March for quintet and youth orchestra
Husa, KarelFive Poems
Hyla, LeeAmnesia Breaks
James, KevinA One Night Stand in the Ballroom of the HotelInsomnia 
Portraits – “Mother Teresa,” “Midnight Avenue A” 
Rockaway Beach Winter 2017
Kaminsky, LauraCadenza Variations 
Kaufman, ChristopherHudson River Quintet (2010)
Lavista, MarioSuite de Gargantúa (wwq and str quartet)
Lifchitz, MaxYellow Ribbons #32
Luzuriaga, DiegoQuintet
Mackey, StevenNever Sing Before Breakfast
Manning, ReneeThe Only Thing You Need Is Me (2017)
Mauer, PeriCaprice for Wind Quintet (2022) 
MaultsBy, CarlAbuelas, Nanas and Grandmamas Unsung (2013)
The Journey 
Kum-Ba-Ya Marcus (2012)
Still Rockin in Jerusalem
McKinley, William T.Concerto for the New World
McMillan, AnnCloud Forest 
Mojíca Mesa, RaúlReflexiones sonoras para quinteto de viento sobre motivos Yuco-Motilón
Odland, BruceWorld Winds 
Olaya-Munoz, JorgeA La Costa 
Amanecer Vallenato 
Te Sorprende?
Negrita linda
Oliva Figueredo, Ernesto Rondosation Sextet for wind quintet and piano
Oliveros, PaulinePortrait of Quintet of the Americas
Otero, FernandoAnemono
Ott, DanielVariable Winds (2015) 
Paterson, RobertSuburban Waltz Fantasy 
Quintet of the Americas*Ancient Calls
Calls in the Wind (for flutes and conch)
Rechtman, IlanAmerica (Suite Popular) quintet & orchestra
Rolnick, NeilAmbos Mundos 
Romaneiro, RicardoVentos 
Rubin, AmyLa Loba (with piano)
Rulon, C. BryanAnti-Silence 
Quintet Two Plus One for Quintet and Synthesizer
Woodwind Quintet 1982
Saint Croix, JudithVision III
St. John, KathleenHeliotrope, a Suite of Six Dances for Woodwind Quintet
The Winds of Aeolus
Schoenberg, AdamWinter Music
Schulz, B. AllenBegin Again (2021)
Schwartz, ElliottBird Bath 
Schwartz, FrancisThe Night of the Fiery Angels
Sharp, ElliottJag
Sierra, RobertoDona Rosita for Quintet and Soprano
Dos tonos de verde w/ orchestra
Soledad Horn solo
Strickland, Shanyse Ala Arusha – Mother Earth
Sullivan, MattJesu, Joy of Amazing Grace
Graceful Maze
Intricate Simplicity 
Temperley, DavyWoodwind Quintet
Thiago de Mello, G.Pra dormir ne Rede 
Chant # 2 – Uirapurú do Amazonas (w. guitar) 
O Canto da Yara
Chants to the Chief #10
A Hug for Pixinga 
Canoa Furada 
Choro Alegre
Toledo, MarceloRezongos for wwq and voices
Ubieta, EnriqueLa Cubachiana
Vuksic, CésarDiálogos 
Wood, JeffreyComedies
Xinyan LiMilky Way Lovers (2013)
Zarvos, MarceloChanges for quintet and piano 
Zhurbin, Lev “Ljova”Lullaby and Memory (2013)
Tango for a Cold Winter Day (2014)
Rockaway Baby (2016)

This project is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts, This program is made possible with public funds from the new York State Council on the Arts, with the support of Governor Kathy Hochul and the New York State Legislature. This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the City Council. Additional funding comes from the Jarvis and Constance Doctorow Family Foundation and generous individuals. Special thanks to the Hon. Donovan Richards, Borough President of Queens, and the Queens Delegation to the New York City Council. 

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