Edmund Cionek

Fifteen Fake Folk Songs (2003)

Part I: Seven Songs of Enlightenment and Personal Growth

No. 1. I just received $50 dollars from “Meet the Composer”
No. 2 The Dryer’s Broken
No. 3 The Platinum Card
No. 4 Congestion
No. 5 World Series Triumph/Defeat
No. 6 The Backwards Leonard Bernstein Song
No. 7 O How Gleefully Our Rats Grow Bolder

Part II: “Eine Kleine Konzert”

No. 8 Theme and Variations on “Earth and Man”.
Variation 1. “Amoroso”
Variation 2. “In One”
Variation 3. “Tango”
Variation 4. “Ooops!”
Variation 5. “Buy Mennin”

Part III: Songs of Everyday Surrealistic Experiences

No. 9. The Retrograde Inversion Leonard Bernstein Song
No. 10-11. The Augmented Sixth/ Homeless Counter-Tenor on the #1 Train Song
No. 12. The Bi-Polar Polka
No. 13. Alpenglow on the Chrysler Building
No. 14. “Your Call Is Very Important to Us.”
No 15. Finale – I Wonder Who Moved In Downstairs?

For score and parts contact composer at [email protected] Duration c. 14 min.

Quintet of the Americas was introduced to Ed Cionek by our flutist at the time, Sato Moughalian. Ed bestowed us with this wonderful quintet and has written many arrangements for us of music from Charlie Parker to Broadway and film themes.

For Edmund Cionek, the intense musical environment of New York City and its studio musicians, concert virtuosos, and unique chamber and vocal groups has inspired a style characterized by modern lyricism, a deft sense of humor, and pop culture references. Attack of the 50 ft. Walt Whitman was developed at Mabou Mines and later went on to The Flea Theatre. TRI-SCI-FI: a Chillogy, with libretto by Dennis Deal, was a top ten pick on the 2005 FringeNYC Festival and a finalist in the Richard Rodgers Theatre Awards. The Village Voice called it “authentically bizarre”. Recent concert pieces include the chamber trio Bad Robots, Once Upon a Homicide, a noir cantata for SSA and string orchestra, Space Squid for trombone trio and piano, Sky Blue Adagio for Strings, House of Noir for chamber orchestra Poets to Come, a song cycle of Whitman poems for baritone and orchestra, and Stolen Moments in Green and Blue for violin and piano. For 25 years, he was the Composer-in-Residence for the Bar Harbor (ME) Music Festival. For the 100th Anniversary of Acadia National Park, they commissioned his Songs of the Sky which featured Passamaquoddy tribe member George Neptune. His latest work, Elizabeth Frankenstein, with a libretto by Maryanne Bertollo, “allows the novel’s foremost female character to step away from Victor’s shadow into her own light”. Published by Edward B. Marks-Keiser/Southern, Hal Leonard, and EDITIONS Amsterdam, Cionek is recorded on Ravello, Navona, OutBach, Sharp-Flat, Musicians Showcase and Little Dog Records. He received a DMA in Music Composition from the University of Michigan where he studied with William Bolcom and later in Paris with Schoenberg disciple Max Deutsch. Teacher of the Year at Purchase College, he now teaches at NYU. With his wife, Patti Wyss, he has made many arrangements and orchestrations on demand.

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