Peri Mauer

Caprice for Wind Quintet (2022) 

Peri Mauer writes:

Living on Tenth Avenue in midtown Manhattan lends itself to an ongoing relationship with the wind. It is a force that greets you as you exit my building, ranging from the pleasant calmness of a nice breeze to a ferocity fueled by powerful gusts strong enough to determine the direction of your day. Often there is an alternating mixture of the force creating a climate of elemental surprise and unpredictability. Thrilled by the invitation to compose a piece for Quintet of the Americas, what first came to mind was this ever-present interactive awareness I have with the wind. There was no question I was inspired to write a musical composition about the wind for a wind quintet!

Caprice is a sudden and unexpected change of mood or behavior, perfect for what I set out to express in this piece. My Caprice for Wind Quintet is in one movement, with changeable sections of music that progress with intent fluidity. I am very grateful to the wonderful musicians of Quintet of the Americas for giving me the opportunity to compose Caprice for Wind Quintet for them.

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Hailed as an “irrepressibly tuneful composer” by New York Music Daily, PERI MAUER has composed works for solo instruments, chamber music ensembles, orchestra, and theater. Her music has been featured in concerts presented by Bargemusic, Women Composers Festival of Hartford, Bard College, Gamper Festival of Contemporary Music in Bowdoin, Maine, New York Composers Circle, Access Contemporary Music, Sound of Silent Film Festival in Chicago, Ill., Collide-O-Scope Music, Music with a View at the Flea Theater for which she also  served as conductor and cellist, Great Noise Ensemble, NYU Contemporary Music Ensemble, Composers Concordance, National Feng-Hsin Senior High School in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, among many others. She is honored to receive high praise from New York Classical Review for her recently composed orchestral work Woman on a Journey premiered by New York Repertory Orchestra, calling it a “gorgeous, moving, imaginative, finely shaped piece.” She is a recipient of multiple ASCAP Plus Awards, grants from New Music USA, Composers Now, Meet the Composer, National Federation of Music Clubs, Composers Guild of Utah, and orchestral commissions from New York Repertory Orchestra, Jackson Heights Orchestra, and LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts. Her music has been a regular feature in Princeton, NJ’s ASCAP award-winning WPRB Classical Discoveries radio program. Ms. Mauer can also be spotted around New York as a cellist performing in groups as diverse as the American Symphony Orchestra, Radio City Music Hall Orchestra, Encompass New Opera Theater, New York Gilbert & Sullivan Players, The Chelsea Symphony, etc., and can be seen playing her cello in the Golden Globe and Emmy Award winning Amazon Prime TV series Mozart in the Jungle.

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