Justin Davidson

Cinquintettelettes (1992)

Mr. Davidson wrote Cinquintettelettes for Quintet of the Americas while he was a student at Columbia University.

Justin Davidson (born 1966 in RomeItaly) is a classical music and architecture critic.

In 1983, he graduated from the American Overseas School of Rome, where his mother was an English teacher. He began his journalism career as a local stringer for the Associated Press in Rome, before moving to the United States to study music at Harvard University. He went on to earn a doctorate degree at Columbia University, where he also taught.

composer as well as a music critic, Davidson became a staff writer for the Long Island newspaper Newsday in 1996, where he also wrote about architecture. In 2002, he won the Pulitzer Prize in criticism for “his crisp coverage of classical music that captures its essence.” In September 2007, he was hired by New York Magazine.

Davidson was among the faculty of D-Crit.

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